Welcome to GRaB100

The summer school and workshop GRaB100 to be held at National Taiwan University from July 6 to 10 will be focused on frontier theoretical research topics related to gravity, including modified gravity, cosmology, quantum gravity and string theory, to celebrate the centennial of Einstein's theory of gravity.

There is no registration fee.

The Center for Theoretical Sciences at National Taiwan University is devoted to the advancement and promotion of theoretical physics. This activity is free of charge for all, and we wish to provide more activities like this in the future. You can help us by making a donation online at Donation.
Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Invited Speakers

Rajesh Gopakumar

International Centre for Theoretical Sciences – TIFR

James T. Liu

Michigan University

Rachel A. Rosen

Columbia University

Andrew J. Tolley

Case Western Reserve University