Aug, '08 ~ Jul, '09


Jan . 8 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Seungjoon Hyun (Yonsei)
Eight Fermion Terms in the Effective Action of the ABJM Model

Dec. 18 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Ta-Sheng Tai (RIKEN)
New Gauged Linear Sigma Models for Calabi-Yau Crystals

Dec. 20~23, 2009
Taiwan String Theory Workshop 2010

Dec. 11 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Feng-Li Lin  (NTNU) Holographic anyons in the ABJM theory

Dec. 4 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yoshihiro Mitsuka  (NCTU)
AdS/CFT correspondence and BPS geometries in IIB supergravity

Nov. 27 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Sanefumi Moriyama  (Nagoya)
Serre Relation and Higher Grade Generators of the AdS/CFT Yangian Symmetry

Nov. 20 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Jiro Soda (Kyoto Univ.) Holographic Superconductors in a Nutshell
Wen-Tsan Lin
(TKU) Skyrmion vibration modes within the rational map ansatz

Nov. 13
(Fri.) Room 815
Special Topics in Particles, Strings and Branes (II)
Dr. Chuang Wu-Yen
Wall Crossing of BPS State Counting

Prof. Chung-I Tan
(Brown Univ.)
From Graviton and Kalb-Ramond Fields to Higgs Production at LHC

Prof. Masashi Hamanaka
Integrable Aspects of Noncommutative Anti-Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations

Nov. 6 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Fuminobu Takahashi (IPMU) Gravitinos from Inflaton

Oct. 30 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Tsuyoshi Houri (Osaka City Univ.)
Hidden Symmetries of Higher Dimensional Rotating Black Holes

. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Da-Wei Pang (CQUeST) R^2 Corrections to \eta/s: A Non-relativistic Example

Oct. 16
(Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Jia-Rui Sun (NCU) The RN/CFT correspondence revisited

. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shou-Huang Dai (NTNU)
The supergravity dual for non-anticommutative supersymmetric gauge theory

. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hong Lu (Texas A&M)
An Eclectic Talk on Un-related Topics, including Harova Gravity and Wormholes

Sep. 25 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Chen-Pin Yeh (NTU) Observational signatures from the bubble nucleation

String 2009, Jun. 22 ~ Jun. 26

Special Topics in Particles, Strings and Branes
Aug. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 10:30AM-5:00PM
Tomohisa Takimi  (NTU) 
String solitons in the M5-brane worldvolume with a
Nambu-Poisson structure and Seiberg-Witten map
Hirotaka Irie (NTU) 
Macroscopic Loop Amplitudes in the Multi-Cut Matrix Models

Ryu Sasaki (YITP) 
Exactly solvable birth and death processes
Takahiro Kubota
(Osaka Univ.) 
Left-Right Asymmetric Holographic RG Flow with Gravitational Chern-Simons Term

Aug. 13 (Thu.)
Room 815, 2:20PM

Chong-Sun Chu (Durham) 
Quantum Geometry of M5-brane from multiple membranes

July. 30 (Thu.)
Room 815, 10:30AM, 2:00PM
Nick Dorey (Cambridge) 
Integrability in String Theory

. 10 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yu-Tin Huang (UCLA) Possible off-shell superspace for N=4 SYM

. 19 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Ta-Sheng Tai (RIKEN) Eschenburg space as gravity dual of flavored N=4 Chern-Simons-matter theory 

. 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yi Yang (NCTU) String Scattering Amplitude in the Regge Limit 

. 5 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yuji Okawa (Tokyo)  The boundary state from open string fields

. 29 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Break for Dragon Boat Festival

. 22 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Xue-Yan Lin (NTU) A UV completion of scalar field theory in arbitrary dimensions

. 15 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Chih-Hung Wang  (NCU) Inflation in R + R^2 gravity with torsion

. 8 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Fabio Scardigli   (LeCosPA) Dissipation and Quantization for composite systems
Muneto Nitta   (Keio University) Recent Developments of Non-Abelian Vortices

. 1 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Avinash Khare  (Inst. for Physics, India)
Linear Superposition for Nonlinear Equations, New Identities for
Jacobi Elliptic Functions and Their Application to Discrete Nonlinear Equations

. 24 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Masahito Yamazaki  (Tokyo) Crystal Melting and Wall Crossing Phenomena

. 17 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Toshiaki Tanaka (NCKU) Valley configurations in path integrals:
Bridges between perturbative and non-perturbative regions

. 10 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yasuaki Hikida (KEK) 2D black hole and FZZ duality

. 27 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hirotaka Irie (NTU) D-branes and duality in minimal superstring theory 

. 20 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Pei-Ming Ho (NTU) Lorentzian Lie (3-)algebra and toroidal compactification of M/string theory

. 13 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yuri Aisaka (IFT, Brazil) Operator space of pure spinors and massive superstring spectrum  

. 6 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Chiang-Mei Chen (NCU) Holographic duals of black holes  

. 27 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Kazuyuki Furuuchi
Supersymmetric reduced models with (p+1)-algebra symmetry and super p-branes  

. 20 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shinji Shimasaki (Osaka) 
N=4 Super Yang-Mills from the Plane Wave Matrix Model

. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Futoshi Yagi (YITP) Orbifolding the membrane action

. 26 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Sheng-Lan Ko (NCTU) Kummer function and high energy string scatterings

. 19 (Fri.) EF455, Engineering Building VI, NCTU, 2:30PM
Baruch Rosenstein (NCTU) Physics of 2+1 dimensional relativistic massless (Weyl) fermions in graphene

. 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Chia-Min Lin  (NTHU) Modified D-term Inflation and Hilltop Inflation Models

. 5 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tadashi Takayanagi (IPMU) AdS/CFT and Entanglement Entropy

. 28 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Qing-Guo Huang (KIAS)  A brief introduction to non-Gaussianity

. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yoshifumi Hyakutake (Osaka)
AdS3/CFT2 Correspondence in Three Dimensional Gravity Theory
-- Einstein Gravity with a Scalar and Topologically Massive Gravity

. 14 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Feng-Li Lin  (NTNU) Cold Atoms in String Theory

. 7 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hiroshi Isono  (NTU) Boundary states in open string channel

. 31 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hirotaka Irie  (NTU) On the matrix model formulation of fractional superstring theory

. 24 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tomohisa Takimi (NCTU) Central charges in the BLG model

. 17 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Takayuki Hirayama (NTNU) On an on-going project in Bagger-Lambert theory

. 10 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Joris Raeymaekers (Univ. Witnatersrand, Johannesburg) New relations between 4D and 5D BPS states

. 3 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shun-Pei Miao (Utrecht) Unique F(R) Theory from the Standard Model
Shoichi Kawamoto (NTNU) Charged boundary states in a Z3 extended minimal string

. 26 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Keijiro Takahashi  (NCTU) Heterotic orbifold and string phenomenology

. 5 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tea Time w/ students (
Shie Minakami, Azusa Minamizaki, Yasuyuki Katsumata, Youji Koyama, ...)

Aug. 27 (Wed.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Sangmin Lee (Seoul Natl. Univ.) New N>= 4 superconformal Chern-Simons theories

Aug.4 (Mon)- Aug.5(Tue)
Room 833, New Phys Build., NTU
Mini-school on Matrix Model and String Theory
Speakers: Hirotaka Irie (NTU), David Shih (IAS), Dan Tomino (NCTS)
Program: (1) IKKT Matrix model, (2) Minimal String Theory

  Aug 4 (Mon) Aug 5 (Tue)
Shih (2) Irie (2)
Lunch Lunch
Tomino (1) Tomino (1)

Break Break

Shih (2) Irie (2)