Aug, '07 ~ Jul, '08

  Jul. 4 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
  Ta-Sheng Tai (RIKEN) Extended MQCD and SUSY/non-SUSY duality

Jun. 20 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hsien-Chung Kao (NTNU) Quasinormal modes of Kerr black holes

Jun. 13 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shang-Yu Wu (NTU) Holographic QCD with Topologically Charged Domain-Wall/Membranes

Jun. 5 (Thu.)
F104 Physics Building NTNU, 15:15PM
Akitsugu Miwa (Tokyo) Wilson loop operator in AdS/CFT correspondence
Jun. 6 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Akitsugu Miwa (Tokyo) Holography of Wilson loop operator with local operator insertions

May. 30 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yosuke Imamura (Tokyo) A new description of M-branes

May. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Patta Yogendran (CQUeST) Winding strings in the 2D Lorentzian black hole

May. 20-21  NCTS/NTHU G3 Building, Room 512
Lecture series by Dr.
Pravabati Chingangbam (KIAS)
May 20 (Tue.) 12:30-
Inflationary perturbations: Part I & II
May 21 (Wed.) 10:00-
From inflation to CMB anisotropies

May. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Masafumi Fukuma (Kyoto) Towards (de)constructing 4D Yang-Mills theory.

May, 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hyun Seok Yang (KIAS) Noncommutative Spacetime and Emergent Gravity

Apr. 28 (Mon.)
F104 Physics Building NTNU, 15:00PM
Peter Matlock (NCTU) Covariant Formalism for Effective String Theory

Apr. 25 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Dan Tomino (NTNU) Quantum Gravity Equation in BFSS Matrix Model

Apr. 18 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Takayuki Hirayama (NCTS/NTNU) Quark Mass Deformation of Holographic Massless QCD

Apr. 11 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Darren Shih (NTU) The discrete states in light-like linear dilaton background

Apr. 4 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
David Mateos (UCSB) String Theory and RHIC Physics: The Fundamental Story
Simeon Hellerman (IAS)
The Metamorphic Universe: For String audience

Mar. 28 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tamiaki Yoneya (Tokyo) An attempt towards field theory of D branes

Mar. 21 (Fri.) Room 833, 2:20PM
Keisuke Okamura (Tokyo) Aspects of Integrability in AdS/CFT*
*A related lecture series will be delivered first on Mar. 18 (Tue.) in NCTS/NTHU.

Mar. 14 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shoichi Kawamoto (OCU)  Small deformation of Wilson loop operators.

Mar. 7 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Ta-Sheng Tai (Tokyo)  Application of Matrix Model

Feb. 29 (Fri.) Room 815,
Ryu Sasaki (YITP) q-oscillator from the q-Hermite Polynomial
Itou Etsuko
(YITP) The BV Master Equation for the Wilson Action in general Yang-Mills Gauge Theory

Feb. 22 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Wei Li
(Harvard) Chiral Gravity in Three Dimensions
Special Lectures on Exact Renormalization Group
Dr. Itou Etsuko (YITP) will give three talks at NCTS/NTHU

Feb. 19 (Tue.)     1:20-2:50PM,     3:00-4:30PM 
Feb. 20 (Wed.)    10:30-12:00AM

NCTS lecture room A, 3rd General building 4F, NTHU
Feb. 8, 15 Spring break

Jan. 25 (Fri.)
Room 815,
Chong-Sun Chu
 (Durham) AdS/CFT for non-anticommutative SYM theory
Chung-I Tan
Gauge-String Duality: "Graviton" and High Energy Collisions

Jan. 18 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Pravina Borhade
 (THU) Large N limit of Chern-Simons theory on three manifolds

Jan. 11 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Chih-Wei Wang  (South California) Five-dimensional microstate geometries

. 4 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Pei-Ming Ho (NTU) Time-dependent AdS/CFT duality: Holographic Reconstruction of Bulk Metric and Possible Resolution of Singularity

. 28 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hing-Tong Cho
 (Tamkang University) Quasi-exactly solvable scattering modes

Dec. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Otto Kong  (NCU) The AdS_5 quantum world with relativity symmetry SO(2,4)

Dec. 13 (Thu.) F104 Physics Building NTNU, 15:00PM

Seiji Terashima

. 14 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Koji Hashimoto  (Riken) D-brane engineering of solitons in meta-stable vacua and QCD strings
Yutaka Matsuo
Scattering of Long Folded Strings and Mixed Correlators in the Two-Matrix Model

Dec. 17 (Mon) F104 Physics Building NTNU, 10:30AM
Stefan G. Nibbelink
(Heidelberg Univ.) Toric resolutions of heterotic orbifolds

Nov. 30 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yoichi Kazama  (Tokyo) Superstring in PP-wave background with RR flux as a conformal field theory

. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Changrim Ahn [
(Ewha Womans University, Seoul) S-matrix for the QCD spin chain

Nov.15  (Thu.)
Room 406, 2:20PM
Bin Chen
M5-brane and Wilson surfaces

. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Pei-Wen Kao
 (Australian National Univ.) T-Duality with Non-Trivial Backgrounds and Generalized Geometry

Nov. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Coffee/Tea time of gravity and string

Oct. 26 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Akihiro Ishibashi
(KEK) Rigidity of Higher Dimensional Black Holes

Oct. 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Dan Tomino
 (NTNU) High Tempetature String Gas in AdS3

Oct. 5 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shou-Huang Dai
 (Durham) Towards a black ring with a positive cosmological constant

Sep. 28 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Satchitananda Naik
 (HRI) N=8 SUGRA as Twister String Theory

Sep. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hsien-chung Kao
 (NTNU) Perturbative Calculation of Quasinormal Modes of Schwarzschild Black Holes.

Sep. 14 (Fri.)
Room 815, 2:20PM
Toshihiro Matsuo
 (NTNU) Ultrahigh-energy string collision and rotating string production

Sep. 7 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Takashi Torii
 (Osaka Institute of Technology) Is the third law of black hole thermodynamics violated?

Sep. 5 (Wed.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tohru Eguchi
 (YITP) String landscape and weak gravity conjecture

Aug. 31 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Tai  (Tokyo) Imbimbo-Mukhi type Matrix Model for CP1 topological strings

Aug. 24 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
James Liu
 (Michigan) Droplet descriptions of BPS geometries in IIB supergravity

Aug. 7 (Tue.) Room 111, 2:20PM Special colloquium
David Gross