Aug, '05 ~Jul, '07

Jul. 27 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Masanori Hanada
 (Riken) Non-lattice simulation for supersymmetric gauge theories in one dimension

Jun. 22 (Fri.) Room 815,
Chih-Hung Wang
 (Lancaster) A Spinning Particle Dynamics in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity with Torsion

Jun. 15 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yu Nakayama
 (Tokyo) Index for 4-dimensional SCFTs

Jun. 13 (Wed.) Room 618, 2:20PM
Yu Nakayama
 (Tokyo) D-term gauge mediation

Jun. 1 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shun-Pei Miao
 (Florida) The Fermion Self-Energy during Inflation

May. 25 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Allan Medved
 (Witwatersrand) Black Hole Entropy, Quantum Corrections, and Does Nature Abhor a Logarithm?

May. 18 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Kishimoto  (Riken) Comments on marginal and scalar solutions in open string field theory

May. 11 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yu-Huei Wu
 (Southampton) Gravitational radiation near black holes and related horizon news functions

May. 4 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Wung-Hong Huang
 (NCKU) String description of Wilson loop on noncommutative space

Apr. 27 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Yasuhiro Sekino
 (Okayama) On the universe created through quantum tunnelling

Apr. 20 (Fri.) Room 815,
Pei-Ming Ho
 (NTU) A Toy model of open membrane field theory in constant 3-form flux

Apr. 13 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shunsuke Teraguchi
 (AS) Reformulation of Boundary String Field Theory in terms of Boundary State

Mar. 30 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
I-Sheng Yang  (Berkeley) Dynamics and predictions on the landscape [hep-th/0703206]

Mar. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Hikaru Kawai
 (Kyoto) Emergence of curved space-times in matrix model

Mar. 20 (Tue.)
Room 815, 10:30AM
Kazumi Okuyama
 (Shinshu) Half BPS Wilson loops

Mar. 16 (Fri.) Room 815, 2:20PM
Shigeki Sugimoto
 (Nagoya) QCD and String Theory

Mar. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Kazuhiro Sakai  (Keio)
Integrability in AdS/CFT Correspondence(2)

Mar. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Kazuhiro Sakai  
Integrability in AdS/CFT Correspondence(1)

Feb. 9 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Shin Nakamura
A Holographic Dual of Hydrodynamics

Feb. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Heng-Yu Chen
The Magnon Boundstates in Gauge/String Correspondence

Jan. 26 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Nobuyoshi Ohta
Time-dependent supersymmetric configurations and their duals

Jan. 19 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Kouji Nakamura
Second-order gauge-invariant perturbation theory and its application to cosmological perturbations

Jan. 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Dan Tomino
One-Loop Effect of Super-Yang-Mills on Null-Like Cosmological Background

Jan. 5 (Fri.)
Room 815,
Shinsuke Kawai
Brane decay from the origin of time

Dec. 29 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Takao Suyama
Tachyon Condensation with B-field

Dec. 22 (Fri.)
Room 815,
Ryu Sasaki
Exact classical solutions of the nonlinear sigma models on supermanifolds

Dec. 15 (Fri.)
Room 815,
Yi Yang
D-brane scattering and symmetry in string theory

Dec. 8 (Fri.)
Room 815, 1
Chong-Sun Chu
SUSY breaking by a metastable ground state: Why the early Universe preferred the non-supersymmetric vacuum

Dec. 1 (Fri.) Room 833, 2PM
Dmitry Orlov
Extremal dilatonic black holes. Non-singular solution in Gauss-Bonnet gravity
Syoji Zeze
Schnabl's solution for tachyon condensation II

Nov. 24 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Yutaka Matsuo
Symmetry and Integrability of Non-Singlet Sectors in Matrix Quantum Mechanics

Nov. 20 (Mon.) Room 312, 2PM
Qing-Guo Huang
Weak Gravity Conjecture

Nov. 10 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Hideki Maeda
Matter without matter: pure gravitational creation

Nov. 3 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Xavier Calmet  
Aspects of Gauge Theories on a Noncommutative Spacetime [pdf]

Oct. 27 (Fri.)
Room 815,
Feng-Li Lin
Is Hagedorn string cosmology an alternative to Inflation?

Oct. 20 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Syoji Zeze
Schnabl's solution for tachyon condensation

Oct. 13 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Peter Matlock
Noncommutative Geometry and Twisted Hopf Algebras

Sep. 29 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Chiang-Mei Chen
Hawking radiation as tunneling

Sep. 22 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Norisuke Sakai
(Tokyo Tech)
Moduli space of webs of walls

Summer Activity (June 26 ~July 7)  The PDF version of the schedule is now available! [pdf]
The string session of OCPA5(June 27~30) will be held in the afternoon (1:30 -- 3 PM) of Tuesday, June 27.

Jun. 27 (Tue.) Room 815, 10:30AM
Gary Horowitz
(Santa Barbara)
Quasilocal tachyons and black holes

Jun. 28 (Wed.) Room 815, 10:30AM
Chih-Ning Cheng
A Farey Tail for N=2 Black Holes

Jun. 28 (Wed.) Room 815,   2:00PM
Chong-Sun Chu
(Durham) beta-deformed gauge theory and AdS/CFT correspondence

Jun. 29 (Thur.) Room 815,   2:00PM
James Liu
Finite Heisenberg groups in quiver gauge theories

Jun. 29 (Thur.) Room 815,   4:00PM
Gary Shiu
Observational Signatures and Non-Gaussianities of String Inflation

Jun. 30 (Fri.) Room 815,   3:30PM
Yi Yang
High Energy String Scattering Amplitudes and Symmetry in String Theory

Jul. 3 (Mon.) Room 815,   10:30PM
H-Y. Chen
Dyonic Giant Magnon and Scattering Matrix (to be confirmed)

Jul. 3 (Mon.) Room 815,   2:00PM
Yang-Hui He
Probing the Geometry of N=1 Vacua[ps]

Jul. 4 (Tue.) Room 815,   10:30PM
Wen-Yu Wen
Drag force from noncommutative AdS/CFT

Jul. 4 (Tue.) Room 815,   2:00PM
Ryu Sasaki
Exact solution in the Heisenberg picture and annihilation-creation operators

Jun. 16 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Jen-Chi Lee
KLT formula and high-energy limit of closed string scattering amplitudes

We will have Annual dinner party after the talk.
Jun. 16 (Fri.) Eeshen Dou
We can meet at the 1st floor of the New Physics Building at 6PM.

Jun. 6 (Tue.) Room 815, 2:30PM
Akitsugu Miwa
(Komaba, Tokyo)
Wilson Loop Operator and String Field in AdS/CFT Correspondence 2

Jun. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Akitsugu Miwa
(Komaba, Tokyo)
Wilson Loop Operator and String Field in AdS/CFT Correspondence[pdf]

May 26 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Yueh-Cheng Kuo (USC) 2 time physics and field theory[ppt]

May 19 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Takeo Inami
SUSY Nonlinear Sigma Model in Noncommutative Superspace[pdf]

May 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
John Wang
Reviewing the possible quantum creation of the universe

May 5 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Kazuyuki Furuuchi
Confined Phase In The Real Time Formalism And The Fate Of The World Behind The Horizon

Apr. 28 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Xueyan Lin
Linear relations among 4-point functions in the high energy limit of string theory

Apr. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Toshihiro Matsuo
High energy scattering of strings and Black Hole correspondence principle

Apr. 14 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Edna Cheung
Fluxes and Extended Winding Strings in String Gas Cosmology Model

Apr. 7 (Fri.) Room 815, 3:30PM
Csaba Csaki
The super-little Higgs

Mar. 31 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Chuan-Tsung Chan
(NCTS) Restoration of spontaneously broken supersymmetry in string theory


Mar. 24 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Yi Yang
High energy scattering amplitudes for super and closed strings

Mar. 17 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Wen-Yu Wen
(NTNU) Killing spinors in the generalized exceptional structure

Mar. 10 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Shunsuke Teraguchi
(NCTS (North))
Twist Field as Three String Interaction Vertex in Light Cone String Field Theory

Mar. 3 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Pei-Ming Ho
Time dependent AdS/CFT duality and null singularity

Feb. 24 (Fri.) Room F104 (inside the physics department office of the Science Building, NTNU), 2PM
Nobuyuki Ishibashi
D-branes and string field theory

Jan. 6 (Fri.) Room 815, 11PM
Annual Report:
Chiang-Mei Chen, Chong-Sun Chu, Hsien-chung Kao, Jen-Chi Lee, Feng-Li Lin, Shunsuke Teraguchi, Dan Tomino, John Wang, Wen-Yu Wen

Special Seminar:
Jan. 4 (Wed.)
Room 833, 3:30
Sylvester J. Gates
(Maryland) From Garden Algebras to Adinkras: Mathematical Basis for SUSY Rep Theory
The purpose of this lecture is to give a pedagogical overview on the possibility to classify and relate all off-shell representations using the tool of supersymmetric quantum mechanics with an emphasis given to a recently introduced graphical technique and related Clifford algebras.

Dec. 30 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Dan Tomino
2-loop Study of IIB Matrix Model on Fuzzy Spheres

Dec. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Clifford Johnson
(USC) Non-Perturbative Lessons From Minimal Strings
Wu-yen Chuang (Stanford)
Complex/Symplectic Mirrors

Dec. 16 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
John Wang
Real Physics from Imaginary Sources

Dec. 8 (Thur.) Room 815, 2PM
Piljin Yi
Flux potentials: IIB, M, and heterotic Cases
This will be a review of how and what flux potentials show up from dimensional reduction of SUGRA.

Dec. 5 (Mon.) Room 815, 2PM
Piljin Yi
Reheating the universe after string theory inflation [ppt]

Dec. 2 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Dmitri Gal'tsov
(Moscow State U.)
Supergravity solutions with fluxed linear dilaton

Nov. 25 (Fri.)
No Talk, please attend:
The VII Asia-Pacific international conference on gravitation and astrophysics Nov. 23~26)

Nov. 4 (Fri.) Lecture room A, NCTS, Tsing-Hua University, 12:30 noon
Edna Cheung
Open strings in gravimagnetic fields

Oct. 28 (Fri.) 2PM~5PM
Room S314 (3rd floor) of the Science Building
[Physics Dept., Tamkang University]

Ryu Sasaki (Kyoto)
Classical and Quantum Integrability in Multi-particle Dynamics, Short abstract: The relationship (resemblance and/or contrast) between quantum and classical integrability in multi-particle dynamics, the Calogero-Moser and Ruijsenaars-Schneider systems is addressed. The equilibrium position, frequencies of small oscillations of classical systems are closely related to quantum energy spectrum. Deformation of classical orthogonal polynomials (Hermite, Laguerre, Jacobi etc) is discussed in this connection. [pdf]
Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo) Matrix quantum mechanics in adjoint sector at finite N [ppt]
Yoshihisa Kitazawa (KEK)
Correlators of NC Gauge Theory on Homogeneous Spaces [ppt]
We will have dinner together after the talks.

Oct. 21 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Seungjoon Hyun
Topological B-model and \hat{c}=1 String Theory [pdf]

Oct. 14 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Ching Hung Lam
(NCKU math)
Moonshine VOA and the Monster

Oct. 7 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Talk cancelled. Please attend activities at NCU and NTHU.

Sep. 30 (Fri.) Room 620, 3PM [NCTS, Hsin-Chu] (following the talk of Chi-Sing Lam (McGill) "A cosmology topic" at 2PM)
Nobuyoshi Ohta
(Osaka) Accelerating cosmologies and inflation from M-theory [pdf]

Sep. 23 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Subrata Bal
(NTU) Dynamical generation of gauge groups in massive Chern-Simons matrix model [pdf]

2005 Taipei Summer Institute on Strings, Particles and Fields (May 30~Sep. 16, 2005)  Click here for more information and to register.

Aug. 12 (Fri.) Room 815, 2PM
Yu-Tin Huang
(SUNY, Stony Brook) Perturbative N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory as twistor string theory [notes]
Jian Zhou (Tsinghua, Beijing)
Introduction to Chern-Simons/Gromov-Witten duality