Aug, '04 ~ Jul, '05


Edna Cheung, Chong-Sun Chu, Ko Furuta, Aki Hashimoto, Yang-Hui He, Takeo Inami, Miao Li, James Liu, Samir Mathur, Sanefumi Moriyama, Rodolfo Russo, Konstantin Savvidy, Washington Taylor (MIT) Summer, 05
Heng-Yu Chen (Cambridge) July 15~Aug 7, 05
Hong Liu (MIT) June 8~12, 05
Wen-Yu Wen (Michigan)
May. 20, 05-Jun. 03, 05
Eleftherios Papantonopoulos (Athens Tech) May 21~29, 05
Ashok Das (Rochester) May 18-May 20, 05
Richard Woodard (Florida) Feb. 28, 05-Mar. 11, 05
Hsin-Chia Cheng (Harvard)
Dec. 23, 04-Jan. 04, 05
Koji Hashimoto
Dec. 23-Dec. 29, 04
Ian Low (IAS)
Dec. 17, 04-Jan. 02, 05
Wen-Yu Wen
Dec. 1-Dec. 15, 04
Sanjaye Ramgoolam
Nov. 3-Nov. 13, 04
Ryu Sasaki (Kyoto) Oct. 30-Nov. 8, 04
Takeo Inami (Chuo) Oct. 24-Nov. 3, 04
Satoshi Iso (KEK) Oct. 25-Nov.2, 04
Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo) Oct. 5-Oct. 17, 04
Hiroyuki Hata (Kyoto)
Sep. 15-Sep. 29, 04
Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto) Sep. 11-Sep. 18, 04
Satchidananda Naik (HRI) Jun. 1-Jul. 31, 04
Hsin-Chia Cheng (Harvard) Jun. 23-Jun. 29, 04

Ian Low (Harvard) Mar. 16-early Apr. 04
Michael Gutperle (USC) Mar. 26-Mar. 29, 04



Collider and New Physics Mini-Workshop II and String Summer School
[July 21 ~ 22, July 25~29, August 1~5] R833

String Seminar:
Jun. 17 (Fri.)
3:30PM, R815 "Quark Loop Contribution to
Neutron EDM from R parity Violation
" (hep-ph/0505207) Chan-Chi Chiou

Theory group Seminar:
Jun. 15 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "The Milkyway Neutrinos" Athar Husain (NCTU)

Collider and New Physics Miniworkshop: 9:30AM~6:50PM
Jun. 10 (Fri.)
3:40PM, R833 "Singularities in string theory" Hong Liu
(MIT) [slides]

Theory group Seminar:
Jun. 8 (Wed.)
No Talk

Particle+String focused groups joint seminar:
Jun, 3 (Fri.)
12:30PM, R815 "Twistor-space spinoffs for collider processes" Lance Dixon


Summer Institute Seminar:
Jun. 1 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Helicity techniques for computing multi-parton scattering amplitudes" Lance Dixon (SLAC)

String Seminar:
May 27 (Fri.)
12:30PM, R815 "Bubbling AdS" Wen-Yu Wen (Michigan)
2:30PM, R815 "
Brane Models in Six Dimensions
" Papantonopoulos (Athens Tech)

Theory group Seminar:
May. 25 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Dark Energy Reflections in the Redshift-Space Quadrupole" Hiroaki Nishioka (ASIAA)

String Seminar:
May 20 (Fri.)
1:30PM, R815 "On axial and light-cone gauge" Ashok Das (Rochester) [slides]

Theory group Seminar:
May 18 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Two-dimensional phi^4 theory on orbifold S^1/Z_2" Hing-tong Cho (Tamkang)

String Seminar:
May 13 (Fri.)
12:30PM, R815 Review of Takhtajan's paper "On foundation of the generalized Nambu Mechanics" [hep-th/9301111] Ru-Chuen Hou (NTU)

Theory group Seminar:
May 11 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "What we learn from RHIC?" Wen-Chen Chang (Academia Sinica)

String Seminar:
May 6 (Fri.)
12:30PM, R815 review of Bena, Polchinski, and Roiban's paper "Hidden Symmetries of the AdS_5 x S^5 Superstring" [hep-th/0305116] Hung-Hsu Tseng (NTNU)

Theory group Seminar:
May 4 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Begining Supersymmetry (SUSY):
An Elementary Introduction to SUSY
" Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS)

String Seminar:
Apr. 29 (Fri.)
1:30PM, R815 "Linear Dilaton Backgrounds" Chiang-Mei Chen (NCU)

Theory group Seminar:
Apr. 27 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Gravitational Wave Detection and Black Hole Simulations" Hwei-Jang Yo

String Seminar:
Apr. 22 (Fri.)
12:30PM, R815 "Review on Black Rings" Hsien-chung Kao (NTNU) [Notes in dvi format]

Theory group Seminar:
Apr. 20 (Wed.)
R833 "Observational Constraint on the Existence of Cosmic Defects" Jiun-Huei Proty Wu (NTU)

String Seminar:
Apr. 15 (Fri.)
1:30PM, R815 "Invariance of Quantum Cohomology under Flopping Transitions" Chin-Lung Wang (NCU, Math)

Theory group Seminar:
Apr. 13 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "
A model of CP violation from 5D gauge theory" Hisaki Hatanaka (NTHU)

String Seminar:
Apr. 8 (Fri.)
1:30PM, R815 "CR geometry and deformation of CR structures" Jih-Hsin Cheng (Math, Academia Sinica)

Theory group Seminar:
Apr. 6 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Berry Phase in Neutrino Oscillation" Xiao-Gang He (NTU)

String Seminar:
Apr. 1 (Fri.) 1:30PM,
R815 No Talk (Activity and party in honor of Prof. Chang, Kuo-Long.)

Theory group Seminar:
Mar. 30 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Minimal SO(10) GUT and Its Predictions over the Wide Phenomenologies" Takeshi Fukuyama (Ritsumeikan University)

String Seminar:
Mar. 25 (Fri.)
1:30PM, F104, Science Building, NTNU "High energy limit of string theory" Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)

Theory group Seminar:
Mar. 23 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Some Tests on CPT Invariance" Chao-Qiang Geng (NTHU)

String Seminar:
Mar. 18 (Fri.) 11:00AM, E403,
Engineering VI Hall, NCTU, 2nd part of "Review of the paper by Bershadsky et al: Kodaira-Spencer theory and Topological string (hep-th/9309140)" Feng-Li Lin (NTNU) [Click here to see the map.] (We will have lunch together after the talk.)

Theory group Seminar:
Mar. 16 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "String theory in the high energy limit" Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
(lunch at circle cafe)

String Seminar:
Mar. 11 (Fri.) 1:30PM,
R815 "Review of the paper by Bershadsky et al: Kodaira-Spencer theory and Topological string (hep-th/9309140)" Feng-Li Lin (NTNU)

Theory group Seminar:
Mar. 9 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "The generalized parton distributions of the nucleon in the NJL model based on the Faddeev approach" Hirobumi Mineo (NTU)

String Seminar:
Mar. 4 (Fri.) 1:30PM,
R815 "Using the Schwinger-Keldysh Formalism to Compute during Inflation" Richard Woodard

Theory group Seminar:
Mar. 2 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Why Quantum Field Theory Effects Can Be Enhanced during Inflation" Richard Woodard (Florida)

String Seminar:
Feb. 25 (Fri.) 1:30PM,
R815 "Review of Witten's paper Mirror manifolds and topological field theory (hep-th/9112056)" Wenfeng Chen (NCTS)

Theory group Seminar:
Feb. 23 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Quark mass matrix from dimensional deconstruction" Andrea Soddu (NTU)

String Seminar:
Jan. 14 (Fri.) We have two talks: 12:30PM,
R815 "A pedagogical Review of Klebanov-Witten Conifold Theory" Heng-Yu Chen (DAMTP, Cambridge);
0PM, R815 "AdS/CFT and Witten's proof of positive energy theorem"
Chih-Ning Cheng (Institute for Theoretical Physics,
Universiteit van Amsterdam)

String Seminar:
Jan. 7 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Anatomy of Zero-norm States in String Theory" Yi Yang (NCTU)

Theory group Seminar:
Jan. 5 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Stringy Symmetry and their High Energy Limits" Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS)

String Seminar:
Dec. 31 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Massless Boundary Sine-Gordon Model Coupled to External Fields" Shunsuke Teraguchi (NTU)

Annual dinner party!!! (click here to see photos)
Dec. 31 (Fri.) 6:30PM @ Bongos
No.3, Alley 5, Lane 74, Wen(1)-Jou(1) St.
Walk along Hsin-Sheng S. Rd. from Physics Department, heading south.
Turn right into Ln. 76 before reaching "Tai-Yi Milk King". On Ln. 76, you will see "Taiwan's shop" on your right and "Lamour" on your left. Walk along Ln. 76 (which will turn into Ln. 74) and Bongos will be on your right.
After dinner we went to "Saints and Sinners" (No. 114-116, Sec. 2, An(1)-Ho(2) Rd.; Tel: 2739-9001).

Theory group Seminar:
Dec. 29 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Dark Matter from Baryon Asymmetry" Ian Low (IAS)

String Seminar:
Dec. 24 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Spectrum and Interaction in BSFT and Its Application to Tachyon Condensation" Koji Hashimoto (Tokyo U)

Theory group Seminar:
Dec. 22 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Glueball spectrum based on a relatitistic equation" Jun-Chen Su (Jilin U.)

String Seminar:
Dec. 17 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Gravity Dual of  Superconformal Anomaly" Wenfeng Chen (NCTS)

Theory group Seminar:
Dec. 15 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Imaginary Black Holes and their Applications
" John Wang (NTU)

String Seminar:
Dec. 10 (Fri.) 1:30PM, R620, Physics Department,
Tsing-Hua University "Holonomy in Physics, Special & Generalized" Wen-Yu Wen (Michigan U.)

Theory group Seminar:
Dec. 8 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Liberate "quarks" in Mott Insulators
" Hsiu-Hau Lin (NTHU)

String Seminar:
Dec. 3 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "One loop stringy Ward identities" Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS)

Theory group Seminar:
Dec. 1 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Pushing toward fully realistic QCD simulations of the strong interaction" Akira Ukawa (U. Tsukuba)

String Seminar:
Nov. 26 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Relic particles in brane cosmology" Osamu Seto (NCTU)

Theory group Seminar:
Nov. 24 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Super-scaling in critical systems
" Chin-Kun Hu (Academia Sinica)

Nov. 19 (Fri.) No String Seminar this week.

Theory group Seminar:
Nov. 17 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "TBA
" Hoi-Lai Yu (Academia Sinica)

String Seminar:
Nov. 12 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Global solutions of wave maps on black holes" Makoto Narita (NCU)

Theory group Seminar:
Nov. 10 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Baryon magnetic moments in a QCD string model
" John Tjon (Jefferson Lab)

String Seminar:
Nov. 5 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Brane collapse and combinatorics of non-Abelian DBI" Sanjaye Ramgoolam (Queen Mary University)

Theory group Seminar:
Nov. 3 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Generalised supersymmetry and quasi-exactly solvable quantum mechanics
" Ryu Sasaki (Kyoto U.) [pdf file]

String Seminar:
Oct. 29 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Wilson loops and vertex operators in matrix models" Satoshi Iso (KEK) [pdf file]

Theory group Seminar:
Oct. 27 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Nonlinear sigma model on noncommutative superspace" Takeo Inami (Chuo U.) [slides]

String Seminar:
Oct. 22 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Casimir Effect in a SUSY-Breaking Brane-World as Dark Energy:
a New Approach to the Cosmological Constant Problem
" Je-An Gu

Theory group Seminar:
Oct. 20 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "QCD in the future 30 years
" Jiunn-Wei Chen (NTU)

String Seminar:
Oct. 15 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Inconsistencies of high-energy stringy scattering amplitudes of Gross and Mende" Jen-Chi Lee (NCTU)

Theory group Seminar:
Oct. 13 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Moyal star formulation of open string field theory
" Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo U.) [slides]

String Seminar:
Oct. 8 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Algebra of boundary states in closed string field theory" Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo U.) [notes]

Theory group Seminar:
Oct. 6 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Tube and tachyon condensation" Wung-Hong Huang (NCKU)

String Seminar:
Oct. 1 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "The global structure of the Zipoy-Voorhees-Weyl and Tomimatsu-Sato spacetimes" Hideo Kodama (Kyoto U.)

Theory group Seminar:
Sep. 29 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Chiral dynamics in hadrons" Takashi Inoue (NTU)

String Seminar:
Sep. 24 (Fri.) 1PM, R207, Physics Department,
Tsing-Hua University "Recent topics in vacuum string field theory" Hiroyuki Hata  (Kyoto U.) [ps file]

String Seminar:
Sep. 23 (Thur.) 1:00PM,
R618 "Introduction to (vacuum) string field theory and tachyon condensation (II)" Hiroyuki Hata  (Kyoto U.) [ps file]

Theory group Seminar:
Sep. 22 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R833 "Screening phenomena in an anisotropic plasma" Chung-Wen Kao (North Carolina)

String Seminar:
Sep. 17 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Introduction to (vacuum) string field theory and tachyon condensation (I)" Hiroyuki Hata  (Kyoto U.)

Theory group Seminar:
Sep. 15 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
R304 "Fermion masses and mixing angles in string models" Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto U.)

String Seminar:
Sep. 10 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "UV-finite higher derivative theories with unitarity " Pei-Ming Ho  (NTU)

String Seminar:
Sep. 3 (Fri.) 12:30PM,
R815 "Encoding Spacetime Structure in a New Card Diagram" John Wang  (NTU)
We had a snack party at 3:30PM, after John's talk.

Theory Group Seminar:
July 28 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
"Physical Implications of Gauge Fields and a New Action with Translational Spacetime Symmetry"
Jong-Ping Hsu

Theory Group Seminar:
July 21 (Wed.) 2:20PM,
"Perturbative Yang-Mills amplitudes as String theory amplitudes in Twistor space"
Satchidananda Naik 

String Seminar:
Jun. 25 (Fri.) 2PM,
R815 "Universal Dynamics of Spontaneous Lorentz-Violation" Hsin-Chia Cheng

Dinner Party:
Jun. 11 (Fri.)
We had dinner together after YC's talk.

Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
Jun. 11 (Fri.) 3-5PM, R815 "The Bulk/Edge Connection?
" Yeong-Chuan Kao

String Seminar:
Jun. 04 (Fri.) 1:30PM,
R620, Tsing-Hua University, "Construction of stringy zero-norm states in old covariant and DDF light-cone quantizations" Jen-Chi Lee

Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
May. 21 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Review of Gopakumar-Vafa Duality" Pei-Ming Ho

String Seminar
May. 14 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Accelerating Universes and M Theory" Ishwaree Neupane

Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
May. 7 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Super Yang-Mills Amplitudes from String Theory in CP^{3|4}" Chuan-Tsung Chan

Joint String Seminar:
Apr. 30 (Fri.) 1:15 R620, Tsing-Hua University "Non-Commutative AdS/CFT Duality" Yi Yang

String Seminar
Apr. 23 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Twisting S-branes to de Sitter Space" John Wang


Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
Apr. 16 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Introduction to Topological Sigma Model" Wengfeng Chen

String Seminar/Journal Club:
Apr. 9 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 R815 "Matrix Model for  AdS(2) and Isometry of Quantum Mechanics" Pei-Ming Ho

Apr. 2 (Fri.) No talk (Spring School at Tsing-Hua)

Mar. 29 (Mon.) 9:30-10:30AM R815 "Cosmic Censorship in AdS" Michael Gutperle

String Seminar/Journal Club:
Mar. 26 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30PM R815 "Zero-norm states and high-energy symmetries of string theory" Jen-Chi Lee (References: hep-th/0312226,  hep-th/0401133)

String Seminar/Journal Club:
Mar. 25 (Thur.) 2:00-3:30PM R815 "A pedestrian's view of Witten's recent works" Ian Low

Joint String Seminar:(but also related to gauge/string correspondence)
Mar. 19 (Fri.) 2:45-4:45PM R107 College of Science, NTNU
"matrix model for 2 dimensional string theory" Pei-Ming Ho

Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
Mar. 12 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30 PM R815 "Introduction to Cohomological Topological Quantum Field Theory --- Topological Yang-Mills Theory and Topological Sigma Model"   Wenfeng Chen

Joint String Seminar:
Mar. 5 (Fri.) 2:30-4:30PM, R620, Physics Building, National Tsing-Hua University
"Wigner's little group and Abelian gauge transformations" Tomy Scaria (Note change of spacetime)

Journal Club on Gauge/String Correspondence:
Feb. 20 (Fri.) 2-4 PM R815 "1st talk"    Yeong-Chuan Kao
Feb. 27 (Fri.) 12:30-2 PM R815 "1st talk (PartII)"    Yeong-Chuan Kao (Note change of time)

Activities in Hsin-Chu (09/04 ~ 08/05) (by default it is at NCTS)

2004/09/22 14:00 Wednesday
Gauge-invariant formulation for black hole perturbations in higher dimensions
Prof. Hideo Kodama (Kyoto University), Room 620.

2004/09/27 14:00 Monday
Perturbative uniqueness of black holes in all dimensions
Prof. Hideo Kodama (Kyoto University), Room 620.

2004/10/05 10:30 Tuesday
Yang Mills at Finite Temperature and Matrix Model
Prof. Feng-Li Lin (NTNU), Room 620.

2004/10/05 15:30 Tuesday
From relativistic quantum mechanics to relativistic quantum field theories
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Room 620.

2004/10/12 15:30 Tuesday
Conctruction of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Room 620.

2004/10/19 10:30 Tuesday
Recitation of Old Matrix Model and Its Use in Hagedorn Transition
Prof. Feng-Li Lin (NTNU), Room 620.

2004/10/19 15:30 Tuesday
Field Quantization and S Matrix
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/10/26 15:30 Tuesday
Path Integral Evaluations of Green's Functions and Effective Action
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/11/02 10:30 Tuesday
High-energy string collisions in a compact space
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620

2004/11/02 15:30 Tuesday
Path Integral Evaluations of Green's Functions and Effective Action (Part-II)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/11/09 15:30 Tuesday
Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/11/16 10:30 Tuesday
The Hagedorn Transition of String theory
Dr.Yi Yang (NCTU), Room 620

2004/11/16 15:30 Tuesday
Renormalization in Quantum Field Theory (Part II)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/11/23 10:30 Tuesday
The Hagedorn Transition of String theory (Part II)
Dr.Yi Yang (NCTU), Room 620

2004/11/23 15:30 Tuesday
Aspects of Symmetry in Quantum Field Theory
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/11/30 10:30 Tuesday
Gravity Solutions for Brane Decay
Dr. John Wang (NTU), Room 620

2004/11/30 15:30 Tuesday
From Goldstone Boson to Higgs Mechanism
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/12/07 15:30 Tuesday
Ward Identities and Anomaly
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/12/10 13:30 Friday
Holonomy in Physics, Special & Generalized
Dr. Wen-Yu Wen (Physics Dept. University of Michigan, USA), Room 620

2004/12/14 10:30 Tuesday
Results on Quantum Loop Gravity
Prof. Hoi-Lai Yu (AS), Room 620

2004/12/23 15:45 Thursday
Massive gauge theory withouht Higgs mechanism
Prof. C.J. Su (Jie-Lin Univ.)

2004/12/28 15:30 Tuesday
Aspects of Anomaly in Quantum Field Theory
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2004/12/29 10:40 Wednesday
Librate "Quarks" in Mott Insulators
Prof. S.H. Lin (NTHU), Room 620

2005/01/04 10:40 Tuesday
The null infinity limit of quasi-local energy and energy flux
Dr. X.N. Wu (NCU), Romm 620

2005/01/04 15:30 Tuesday
Non-perturbative Approach to Anomaly
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III Room A

2005/01/11 10:40 Tuesday
Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Vector Bundle
Prof. Rui-Bin Zhang (University of Sydney), Room620

2005/01/17 13:30 Monday
Stochastic Gravity: From the Macro to the Micro Structures of Spacetime
Prof. B.L. Hu (University of Maryland)

2005/03/02 13:30 Wednesday
Boundary-boundary correlation functions of the two-dimensional Ising model
Prof. S.C. Chang (NCKU), Room 620

2005/03/10 13:30 Thursday
Results from Quantum Field Theory during Inflation
Prof. Richard Woodard (Dept. of Physics, University of Florida), Room 019 .

2005/03/17 10:40 Thursday
The gyro-gravitational ratio of a Dirac particle
Mr. H.S. Tseng (NTHU), Room 620

2005/03/18 11:00 Friday
Review of the paper by Bershadsky et al: Kodaira-Spencer theory and Topological string
(hep-th/9309140), Part II

Prof. Feng-Li Lin (NTNU), NCTU Engineer Building IV, Room 403.

2005/03/30 16:00 Wednesday
Begining Supersymmetry (Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.

2005/03/31 10:40 Thursday
The onset of chaotic motion of a spinning particle around the Schwarzchild black hole
Dr.J.K. Kao (Tamkang University), Room 620.

2005/04/06 16:00 Wednesday
Review on black rings
Prof. Hsien-Kao (NTNU), Room 620.

2005/04/13 16:00 Wednesday
Begining Supersymmetry (Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics), Part II
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.

2005/04/18 10:30 Monday
Introduction to AdS/CFT duality
Prof. Pei-Ming Ho (NTU), Building III, Room A

2005/04/18 14:00 Monday
From Conformal Field Theory to Conformal Geometry
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Building III, Room A

2005/04/21 13:30 Thursday
Linear Dilaton Background
Prof. Chiang-Mei Chen (NCU), Room 019

2005/04/27 16:00 Wednesday
The Use of Instanton - Part I (1/3)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.

2005/05/05 13:30 Thursday
Confinement, Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Electric-Magnetic Duality
Prof. Wen-Feng Chen (NCTS), Room 019

2005/05/18 16:00 Wednesday
The Use of Instanton - Part II (2/3)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.

2005/05/26 11:00 Thursday
Cosmological Braneworld Models
Prof. Eleftherios Papantonopoulos (Athens Tech, Greece), Room 620

2005/05/31 14:00 Tuesday
Discrete gauge symmetry
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.

2005/06/02 10:40 Thursday
Asymptotic black hole quasinormal modes
Prof. H-T Cho (Tamkang Univ.), Room 620

2005/06/09 11:00 Thursday
Strings and the Cosmos
Dr. Edna Cheung (Perimeter Institute, Canada), Room 620

2005/06/15 16:00 Wednesday
The Use of Instanton, Part-III (3/3)
Dr. Chuan-Tsung Chan (NCTS), Room 620.