Mar, 2010 ~ Jan. 2011: Year of Tiger

Jan. 25 (Tue.) - 27 (Thu.),
Annual Meeting of the Physical Society at NTNU

Jan. 21 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Takayuki Hirayama (MISC, Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
Negative mode of Schwarzschild black hole from the thermodynamic instability

ABSTRACT: The thermodynamic instability, for example the negative heat capacity, of a black hole implies the existence of off-shell negative mode(s) (tachyonic mode(s)) around the black hole geometry in the Euclidean path integral formalism of quantum gravity. We explicitly construct an off-shell negative mode inspired from the negative heat capacity in the case of Schwarzschild black hole with/without a cosmological constant. We carefully check the boundary conditions, i.e. the regularity at the horizon, the traceless condition, and the normalizability.
pdf Hirayama

Jan. 14 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Dan Tomino (NCTS)
A study on field equations of 6D non-Abelian tensor multiplet with 3-algebra

Jan. 7 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Yu-tin Huang (UCLA)
s-Matrix: more than meets the action

ABSTRACT: Within perturbative physics, the most relevant quantity is the S-matrix. From this point of view, the utility of first-quantized string theory or second quantized field theory, is that they provide a framework to construct unitary S-matrices for definite external states. In this talk we discuss the modern view point where one construct the S-matrix directly from symmetry principles and unitarity. When applied to N=4 SYM, this approach has uncovered a large amount hidden symmetry, where Maldacena, Arkani-Hamed and Cachazo showed that all order of perturbation can be determined. I will demonstrate that such hidden symmetry exists within perturbative ABJM as well. Finally, I will show that the surprises of the S-matrix, is not limited to CFTs. In particular I will discuss the peculiar BCJ duality where one obtains gravity S-matrix directly from Yang-Mills, by adding a ``zero" to the action. This can be credited to some unexpected cancellation within perturbative N=8 sugra. As we will see, the action is blind to all of these new symmetries or dualities, and only a few has concrete understanding within string theory.
pdf Huang

Dec. 31 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Allan Bayntun (McMaster)
AdS/QHE: A holographic approach to describing the quantum Hall plateaux transitions

ABSTRACT: In the past couple of years, the holographic dictionary has been applied more and more towards condensed matter systems. This talk will follow this trend by focusing on the quantum Hall effect, and explain why it is a rich system to study in this framework. I will begin by giving a review of quantum Hall systems (and their various properties/symmetries) to motivate a gravity dual from this. A model will then be presented that has some of these desired features, with the bonus effect of predicting the value of a scaling exponent in these systems under certain conditions. Regardless of this model matching to experiment, this implies there now may be a good methodology to model building for AdS/QHE.
pdf Bayntun

Dec. 15 (Wed.) - Dec. 18 (Sat.), 2010
Taiwan String Theory Workshop 2011
B1F, Truth Hall, Tunghai University, TaiChung, Taiwan
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Dec. 10 (Fri.)
Pre-school for Taiwan String Theory Workshop 2011
Room 406 @ NTU,
10:30AM - 12:00AM Wu-Yen Chuang (NTU)
Introduction to ADHM sheaf theory and its application
Room 815 @ NTU,
2:20PM - 3:50PM Chiang-Mei Chen (NCU)
Introduction to Holographic Duals of Black Holes
4:00PM - Hirotaka Irie (NTU)
Introduction to higher-order calculus in non-critical string theory

Dec. 3 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Je-An Gu (LeCosPa,NTU)
f(R) Modified Gravity with Chameleon Mechanism:
its cosmological and solar-system tests

pdf Gu

Nov. 26 (Fri.) 15:45 PM, Room 312 @ NTU,
LQCDHP and String focus group joint seminar
Stephen Hsu (Oregon)
On the origin of probability in quantum mechanics

ABSTRACT: I begin with a pedagogical introduction to "no collapse" or Many Worlds quantum mechanics. Then, I discuss the origin of probability in such interpretations, noting that the original Everett derivation of the Born rule is problematic. I discuss possible solutions to the problem, including the possibility that the underlying structure of Hilbert space is discrete rather than continuous
pdf Hsu

Nov. 19 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Ryu Sasaki (YITP)
Exceptional orthogonal polynomials

Nov. 12 (Fri.) 2:20PM-3:30PM, Electrophysics 352 (3rd floor) @ NCTU,
Meir Lewkowicz (AUCS, Ariel)
Geometry of Hamiltonian Chaos

ABSTRACT: The characterization of chaotic Hamiltonian systems in terms of the curvature associated with a Riemannian metric tensor in the structure of the Hamiltonian is extended to a wide class of potential models of standard form through definition of a conformal metric. The geodesic equations reproduce the Hamilton equations of the original potential model when a transition is made to an associated manifold. In this way, one finds a direct geometrical description of the time development of a Hamiltonian potential model. The second covariant derivative of the geodesic deviation in this associated manifold results in a criteria for unstable behavior different from the usual Lyapunov criteria. Some examples of unstable Hamiltonian systems in two dimensions are discussed.

Nov. 5 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Kazuyuki Furuuchi (NCTS)
D-branes Wrapped on Fuzzy del Pezzo Surfaces

Oct. 29 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Chia-Min Lin (NTHU)
Hilltop Supernatural Inflation and Gravitino Problem

pdf Lin

Oct. 22 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Masato Taki (YITP)
Surface Operator, AGT relation and Bubbling Calabi-Yau

pdf Taki 2

Oct. 15 (Fri.), P512, 3rd General Building 5F, NCTS @ NTHU,
Masato Taki (YITP)
Introduction to topological string theory on local geometry
12:30AM- 2:00PM: Part I
2:20PM-: Part II

pdf Taki 1

Oct. 8 (Fri.)
10:30AM - 12:00AM, Room 833 @ NTU,
Miranda Cheng (Harvard)
Matrix Model, Liouville Conformal Blocks, Topological Strings and N=2 Gauge Theories
ABSTRACT: In this talk I will start by reviewing the relationship between matrix model, topological strings, four-dimensional gauge theories and two-dimensional conformal field theories. I will then describe how this chain of relations provides an understanding of the appearance of the so-called AGT correspondence relating four-dimensional gauge systems and two-dimensional conformal field theories. After that I will focus on the relation between a non-perturbative formulation of topological strings and conformal blocks in the 2d CFT. To be more specific, by studying the natural contours for the matrix integrals and their monodromy properties, I will give a concrete contour prescription which maps the non-perturbative topological string amplitudes to the Liouville conformal blocks. This talk is based on work done in collaboration with Robbert Dijkgraaf and Cumrun Vafa.

--- lunch ---
2:20PM -, Room 815 @ NTU,
Masafumi Ishihara (NCTU)
Chiral symmetry restoration at finite electric field from a holographic model

pdf Ishihara

Oct. 4 (Mon.) 10:30AM, Room 406 @ NTU,
Ta-Sheng Tai (Riken)
Uniformization and AGT relation

ABSTRACT: Inspired by the work of Alday, Gaiotto and Tachikawa (AGT), we study the revival of Poincare's uniformization problem and Fuchsian equations obtained thereof. ref:arXiv:1008.4332

Sep. 24 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Hirotaka Irie (NTU)
Stokes phenomena in the multi-cut matrix models

--- summer break ---

Jul. 21 (Wed.) 2:20PM, Room 716 @ NTU,
Takeo Inami (Chuo Univ.)
Cosmological Inflation/Perturbation from Higher-Dimensional Theory

Jul. 14 (Wed.) 2:20PM, Room 406 @ NTU,
Ta-Sheng Tai (Riken)
Triality in SU(2) Seiberg-Witten theory and Gauss hypergeometric function

Jul. 9 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Shih-Hung Chen (USC)
The Big Bang and Inflation United by an Analytic Solution

Jul. 2 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Hirotaka Irie (NTU)
Model for Non-Perturbative String Landscape and Appearance of M Theory

ppt Irie

Jun. 25 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Jia-Rui Sun (NCU)
The hidden conformal symmetry of RN black holes

Jun. 21 (Mon.) 15:00PM, Room 406 @ NTU,
Kazutoshi Ohta (Meiji Gakuin U.)
Localization and Vortices

pdf Ohta

Jun. 18 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica)
Attempts to explain large-scale CMB anomalies

ppt Ng

Jun. 11 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Chih-Wei Wang (NCTS)
Split Flows in Bubbled Geometries

pdf Wang

Jun. 4 (Fri.) 2:20PM, P512, 3rd General Building 5F, NCTS @ NTHU,
Shingo Takeuchi (APCTP)
Holographic Effect of Chern-Simons term in 5d RN-AdS background to magnetic conductivity and photo emission rate

pdf Takeuchi

May. 28 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Keiji Igi (Riken)
Universal Rise of Hadronic Total Cross Sections based on Forward pip, Kp and pbarp, pp Scatterings

ppt Igi

May. 21 (Fri.) 2:20PM, P512, 3rd General Building 5F, NCTS @ NTHU,
Tatsuma Nishioka (Tokyo)
Probe Branes, Time-dependent Couplings and Thermalization in AdS/CFT

pdf Nishioka

May. 14 (Fri.),
10:20AM- Room 406 @ NTU Chien-Hao Liu (Harvard)
D-branes and Azumaya noncommutative geometry
-- lunch break --
2:20PM- Room 815 @ NTU Wei-Ming Chen (NTU)
Lagrangian Formulations of Self-dual Gauge Theories in Diverse Dimensions

pdf Chen

May. 7 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Shotaro Shiba (KEK)
Towards the generalization of AGT relation

ppt Shiba

Apr. 30 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Hiroaki Kohyama (Academia Sinica/NCTS)
Chiral Critical Surface in the NJL model

pdf Kohyama

Apr. 23 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Shoichi Kawamoto (NTNU)
Dynamical Instability of Holographic QCD at Finite Density

ppt Kawamoto

Apr. 16 (Fri.), P512, 3rd General Building 5F, NCTS @ NTHU,
Domenico Orlando (IPMU)
What is the next number in the sequence?
Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo)
Singular state in Toda theory and N=2 Gauge Theories

pdf Orlando
pdf Matsuo

Apr. 9 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Susanne Reffert (IPMU)
From random walks to non-Lorentz invariant field theories

pdf Reffert

Apr. 2 (Fri.) Room 312/Room 815 @ NTU
Special Topics in Particles, Strings and Branes (III)
Syoji Zeze (Seiryou)
Progress in string field theory
--Lunch Break--
Koji Hashimoto (Riken, Mathematical Physics Group)
Matrix Model for Baryons and Nuclear Forces
Shunsuke Teraguchi (Osaka, IFREC)
Asymmetric orbifold towards E6 GUT

pdf Zeze
pdf Hashimoto

Mar. 26 (Fri.) P512, 3rd General Building 5F, NCTS @ NTHU,
Oleg Evnin (ITP,CAS)
Strings in singular gravitational waves
Takeshi Morita (TIFR)
Thermodynamics of large-N gauge theories with chemical potentials in a 1/D expansion

pdf Evnin
pdf Morita

Mar. 19 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Tomohisa Takimi (NTU)
A no-go theorem for M5-brane theory

Mar. 12 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Chen-Pin Yeh (NTU)
Toward a holographic model of d-wave superconductors

ppt Yeh

Mar. 5 (Fri.) 2:20PM, Room 815 @ NTU,
Dan Tomino (NCTS)
Classical Solutions of a Torsion Gravity from Large N Matrix Model