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Journal Papers

1. Chen, W. L., Hu, P. S., Ghazaryan, A., Chen, S. J., Tsai, T. H. & Dong, C. Y. Quantitative analysis of multiphoton excitation autofluorescence and second harmonic generation imaging for medical diagnosis. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. 36(7), 519-526 (2012).

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4. Hu, P. S., Hsueh, C. M., Su, P. J., Chen, W. L., Hovhannisyan, V., Chen, S. J., Tsai, T. H. & Dong, C. Y. The use of second order susceptibility as contrast mechanism for label-free imaging of biological tissue. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. 18(4), 1326-1334 (2012). ISSUE COVER (shared)

5. Cheng, S. H., Li, F. C., Souris, J. S., Yang, C. S., Tseng, F. G., Lee, H. S., Chen, C. T., Dong, C. Y. & Lo, L. W. Visualizing dynamics of sub-hepatic distribution of nanoparticles using intravital multiphoton fluorescence microscopy. ACS Nano. (2012). 6(5), 4122–4131 (2012).

6. Lin, C. Y., Lien, C. H., Cho, K. C., Chang, C. Y., Chang, N. S., Campagnola, P. J., Dong, C. Y., & Chen, S. J. Investigation of two-photon excited fluorescence increment via crosslinked bovine serum albumin. Optics Express. 20(13), 13669-13676 (2012).

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8. Cheng, L. C., Chang, C. Y., Lin, C. Y., Cho, K. C., Yen, W. C., Chang, N. S., Xu, C., Dong, C. Y. & Chen, S. J. Spatiotemporal focusing-based widefield multiphoton microscopy for fast optical sectioning, Optics Express. 20(8), 8939-8948 (2012).

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10. Tsai, T. H., Lin, S. J., Lee, W. R., Wang, C. C., Hsu, C. T., Chu, T. & Dong, C. Y. Visualizing radiofrequency-skin interaction using multiphoton microscopy in vivo. Journal of Dermatological Science. 65(2), 95-101 (2012).