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Journal Papers

1. Tung, C. K., Sun, Y., Lo, W., Lin, S. J., Jee, S. H. & Dong, C. Y. Effects of objective numerical apertures on achievable imaging depths in multiphoton microscopy. Microscopy Research and Technique 65, 308-314 (2004).

2. Hsiao, C. Y., Sun, Y., Lo, W., Lin, S. J., Jee, S. H., Jan, G. J. & Dong, C. Y. Imaging condition optimization in multiphoton microscopy of three-dimensional collagen fibers structures. Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 51, 1115-1120 (2004).

3. Lee, H. S, Liu, Y., Chen, H. C., Chiou, L. L., Huang, G. T., Lo, W. & Dong, C. Y. Optical biopsy of liver fibrosis by use of multiphoton microscopy. Optics Letters 29(22), 2614-2616 (2004).

4. Sun, Y., Lo, W., Lin, S. J., Jee, S. H. & Dong, C. Y. Multiphoton polarization and generalized polarization (GP) microscopy reveals oleic acid induced structural changes in intercellular lipid layers of the skin. Optics Letters 29(17), 2013-2015 (2004).

5. Dong, C. Y., Yu, B., Kaplan, P. D. & So, P. T. C. Performances of high numerical aperature water and oil immersion objectives in deep-tissue, multiphoton microscopic imaging of excised human skin. Microscopic Research and Technique 63, 81-86 (2004).


Proceedings of Conferences

1. Tso, C. H., Lo, W., Huang, P. Y., Hsu, T. L., Yeh, C. C., Lin, S. J., Jee, S. H., Chen, C. C., Dong, C. Y. “Monitoring the transdermal delivery of fluorescent nanoparticles using multiphoton fluorescence microscopy” in Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences IV, edited by Ammasi Periasamy, Peter T. C. So, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 5323, 360-364, (2004). Invited Paper.