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Journal Papers

1. Sun, Y., Su, J. W., Lo, W., Lin, S. J., Jee, S. H. & Dong, C. Y. Multiphoton polarization imaging of the stratum corneum and the dermis in ex-vivo human skin. Optics Express 11(25), 3377-3384 (2003).

2. Chen J., Chien, C. H., Kuo, H. S. & Dong, C. Y. Repetition rate multipliers for efficient implementation of multiphoton and pump-probe fluorescence microscopy. Optik 114(8), 337-342 (2003).

3. Dong, C. Y., Koenig, K. & So, P. T. C. Characterizing point-spread-functions of two-photon fluorescence microscopy in turbid medium. Journal of Biomedical Optics 8(3), 450-459 (2003).


Book Chapters

1. Dong, C. Y., French, T., So, P. T. C., Buehler, C., Berland, K. M., and Gratton, E. “Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Techniques for Microscopy,” Digital Microscopy: A Second Edition of Video Microscopy, (G. Sluder and D. E. Wolf, Eds), 431-464. Elsevier Academic Press (2003).

2. Dong, C. Y., Hsu, L., Kim, K. H., Buehler, C., Kaplan, P. D., Hancewicz, T. D., and So, P. T. C., “Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy: A Review of Recent Advances in Deep-Tissue Imaging,” Alternative Toxicological Methods, (H. Salem and S. A. Katz, Eds.), 361-373. CRC Press (2003).