Welcome to our Microscopic Biophysics and Biophotonics Laboratory (MBBL)

Principal Investigator : Prof. Chen-Yuan Dong

     Our research focuses on developing optical techniques in addressing important problems in biology and medicine. The group members come from diverse backgrounds such as physics, engineering, and biology. The interdisciplinary nature of our research enable us to collaborate with scientists in the chemical, biological, and medical fields. Although the predominant technique we employ is nonlinear optical microscopy, we also utilize other techniques in our research. Not only are we interested in studying the fundamental biophysics of living systems, we are also interested in applying the methodologies developed in our laboratory to clinical diagnostics and therapy.

     If you are interested in joining or collaborate with our group us, please feel free to contact us.




     The Microscopic Biophysics and Biophotonics Laboratory at the Department of Physics of National Taiwan University have an opening for postdoctoral researcher.

    The candidate will work in interdisciplinary research in developing and applying biophotonics techniques for biophysical and biomedical research.

    Interested applicants please send CV to Prof. Chen-Yuan Dong (cydong@phys.ntu.edu.tw)