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We are physicists working on various aspects of the strong interaction around Taiwan. To learn more about us and our areas of interest, please follow the links below.


Updated news of activities of our group and other Taiwan institutes

Upcoming Meeting (2011 Spring):
Date: 06/17/2011 (Fri)
Speaker: Prof. Juinn-Wei Chen (NTU)
Title: On the Quark Mass Dependence of Two-Nucleon observables

Previous meeting: 2010:

Strong Interaction-related activities at Taiwan:
The 9th Particle Physics Phenomenology (PPP9)
3 June -5 June, 2011 will be hosted by National Central University (NCU) at ChungLi.
The 15th Taiwan Nuclear Physics Summer School
27th June ~ 30th June, 2011, Academia Sinica, Taipei.